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Improve your skills and paddle smarter, paddle further!

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Improve your skills and paddle further, paddle bolder.

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Improve your skills and paddle further, paddle bolder.

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Improve your skills and paddle further, paddle bolder.

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Improve your skills and paddle further, paddle bolder.

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Adirondack Paddling Symposium Postponed

We are disappointed, truly. But as this pandemic continues, the ramifications of trying to hold our event are too profound.  In our mission statement, we spoke of building community, as much as building paddling skills.  This is greatly hampered as we would be social distancing throughout the event. Meals, meetings, social gatherings and presentations would all be affected in an attempt to keep students and staff safe. On the instructional side of things, teaching skills such as rescues, bracing and rolling require close proximity between student and coach.  It would be very challenging to give the level of service our students expect, while trying to keep them and our coaches distanced  Then, there is the social responsibility side of things.  Is it fair to invite people to our small town of Old Forge, potentially spreading the virus and putting greater pressure on local hospitals.  Is it responsible to have our students and coaches potentially bring the virus back home to their town, their family?  
We are committed to you, we are committed to this event.  But in the wake of all we are dealing with we need to ultimately be committed to safety and responsibility.  We will be back and hope you will join us.  Please follow us on social media, as we will continue to stay active with our followers.  

Adirondack Paddling Symposium Quick Facts

What: A comprehensive weekend of paddling instruction for paddlers, offering Beginner and Intermediate course tracks for: Kayaks, Pack Boats, SUPs, and Canoes.
Where: Mountainman Outdoor Supply Company’s store location on the Moose River in Old Forge, NY
Cost: The symposium is $300 for the weekend and includes all classes, some meals, evening programs, morning yoga sessions, and socials. "Tour Monday” is an additional $75.00 and can be registered early or at the event.
Lodging: Lodging is not included so that you may choose the type of accommodation you like, area motels, cabins or campgrounds. See the Logistics page for a list.
Boats & Gear: Not included. We encourage paddlers to bring their own boat or boards if possible, and appropriate paddling gear and paddlewear. See website for suggested gear and wear. A limited number of rental canoes, kayaks and SUPs are available, advanced reservations required. See the Boats & Gear page for details.

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Why you should attend the
Adirondack Paddling Symposium

Customize your own instruction plan!

We've designed instructional tracks for Kayaks, Canoes, Pack Boats, SUPs, and Whitewater based on your paddling experience.

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Test paddle before you buy!

Experienced, expert instructors

Your instructors bring, combined, decades and decades of paddling expertise to the Adirondack Paddling Symposium. They are all drawn from the Paddling industry; you most likely have met and talked with them if you've attended Mountainman's Demo Days or Paddlefest.

Skills & Confidence!

After completing the Adirondack Paddling Symposium, you will have gained the skills to paddle smarter and more efficiently and safely. Your confidence in your own paddling ability means you will enjoy your paddling trips more, be it a quick day trip or and extended expedition!